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Amazing CRM from Lenovo!

lenovo-laptop-ideapad-y410p-front-1Some time back I bought a Lenovo Z580 laptop for my son.  From the start he had problems with the mouse.  My son is pretty “tech savvy” — but he kept having problems.  Finally we agreed to mail it to Lenovo to replace the trackpad.

We mailed off the Z580 for repairs 6/24 and it never came back.

5 weeks in we were MAD and one day Lenovo customer support called US. They offered to replace the PC. My son if he could get one (same model) with a better graphics card and they said “Sorry, it is out of stock, would you like a different model?”

Well my son is a GEEK. He knew Lenovo had just come out (2 weeks earlier) with a new gaming PC that cost $800 more than his old one cost NEW. He asked if he could possibly get it.

They said YES!!!!

Yesterday at 6:00 PM UPS delivered his brand new Lenovo y410p gaming laptop! Woo hoo — way to go Lenovo! Thanks to Debbie on the Lenovo CRM team!  THAT is customer relationship management — do you think we’d consider buying a different brand any time soon?

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