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Shared Hosting to Save Money on your Internet Site

I’ve been feverishly working away on designing a new personal website (well, sort of personal — I’m branching out and providing social media consulting along with the CRM / data warehouse consulting I normally provide).  I’ve experimented with various inexpensive ways to go “live.”  I found that I could register my domain for a year at GoDaddy for one penny — a special promotion.  This saved about $9.  (I’m notoriously cheap).

Then I checked around for shared hosting.  I know I can host it myself, and given my technical background probably should — but I just don’t want the hassles right now.  I did a lot of research and decided that Hostgator sounded both inexpensive and fairly good as far as up-time, response time and so forth.  I found a one month trial deal, also for a penny.    That is expiring soon, so I don’t know if I’ll stay there.  I can get a one year deal for around $5 a month which isn’t bad — and Hostgator has been really great support wise. . . so I need to decide soon.

Lots of people on the internet “pitch” Hostgator because they get PAID if you sign up through them.  I’m not one of them.  This is not a paid advertisement.  My opinion of them is that they are fine and I’ve had no trouble with them, but this is just my opinion.

I actually used their online chat a few times and they responded right away to fix a few things that were broken (like my domain transfer from GoDaddy not showing up).   Very easy to do business with.

So if they’ve been so nice why not stay there?

I found a cool little shared host with a proprietary platform that offers a free web hosting service if you use their domain.    The company is Wix and they have beautiful templates that are very (and I mean VERY) easy to modify.  You can even add videos with a click of a button — no coding.   I can host there with my own domain for about the same cost as Hostgator.  So I am debating it.

My Hostgator site does not look that great.  I am not a designer (OK, I’m very talented, but not when it comes to design!).  You can see it if you want, but be forewarned that I am not proud of it.  Check out my site, “It-SME.”

The Wix site looks nicer, although I’d appreciate feedback as to whether you like it or not.  Maybe it is too “cutesy”?  Here is a link to my Wix site.

Any way, not a lot of substance in this post, just a lot of “The interior defense dines under the sabotage.” which doesn’t make real sense.   Just wanted to let you know I am busy — and when it comes to making money with technology, saving money is making money, too.  If you are interested in setting up a website and want to know what coupons and deals are “out there” you should check out Retailmenot which lists coupons and such.   I don’t see a current penny deal at GoDaddy, but here is the link for the current coupon codes for GoDaddy, found at Retailmenot.

I’ve noticed that Wix, Hostgator and other web hosts always have “deals,” so if you are looking for a host do check out the deals.

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