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Apple Marketshare @ 13% — Android @ 79%

Those statistics just blew me away. The  WallStreet Journal reported that Android has 79.3% of the Smartphone market and Apple only 13.2%!  Windows (fuggedaboudit) has a whopping 3.7% and Blackberry (oh how the mighty have fallen) 3%.  The report is actually from IDC (a leading technology research company).

I can’t say I’m terribly surprised.  My early career was with AT&T Computer Systems — a huge proponent of open systems.   UNIX, the first truly open operating system, came out of AT&T Bell Labs (where I once worked).   Open means more competition.  Vendors have to build superior products to survive — and they have to price them competitively, too.   In a proprietary world (like Apple) you have closed the gates limiting your users to the products you want them to have.  Less competition means higher prices and usually less innovation in the long run.

Apple may increase its market share later this year when iOS 7 (the new version of its operating system) is released.

Long term I still place my bets on open systems.

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