Quotes about Sandra

“Sandra is a true professional with the drive and experience to make things happen.   During the time I’ve worked with her she has proven to be a strategic thinker – able to wrap her arms around all the requirements and potential solution to business issues while keeping focus and not losing detail at the tactical levels. She’s expert in many areas of Telephony including Call Centers, IVR’s and CRM and continues to be a great resource and successful team player. She would be an asset to any organization.”

Director, Project Engineering at Dell

“Sandra is a dynamic strategist and aggressive professional who is extremely competent, innovative, and intelligent. With absolute clarity and little to no direction she will develop and execute strategies that positively impact bottom line objectives. She possesses broad business and technical skills and has repeatedly demonstrated success in driving significant results for the organization.”

VP Product Management, AT&T Bell Labs

“Sandra is the consummate product management and planning professional.  She would be a welcome addition to any technology-based firm looking for a path to successful product planning and launch.”

Director Product Management, Avaya

“With minimal input, Sandra literally “spun straw into gold”, creating impressive WeatherBug customer case studies –rich with compelling details, images, quotes and stories. These case studies became powerful tools that significantly impacted WeatherBug sales and PR. She clearly grasps the sales process — what’s relevant and captures it with laser precision and optimal impact.”

 Public Relations Director, WeatherBug

“Sandra is one of the most knowledgeable, savvy and enthusiastic people I have ever had the pleasure to work with.  She has great people skills and uses them well to achieve her assigned goals.”

Senior Analyst, Gartner Group


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