Four Money Making Project Management Tools

One of the biggest mistakes small and even medium sized businesses make is flying by the seat of their pants.  They have a great idea and once they do their “due diligence and finish editing the business plan they think they can focus on getting the product to market and meeting with the prospects.

The problem is if you do not have a plan then you are planning to fail.  Old sayings often have a way of being true!  The way to key your eye on the ball and ensure you get to market in time to make the “marketing window” (before technology of a competitor passes you by) you need to know when you are going to get to market and what your feature set will be.  The best way to do this is with a project plan.

For as little as $18 a month you can go with cloud-based 5PM.   You can even start with their free trial to see if it does make financial sense for your company.

The two best things about 5PM are its price, and its simplicity.  The last thing you need to do while you are starting a new business is get bogged down learning new technology.  You can easily waste cycles “becoming productive” while your time and money burns up.   What you need to make money is a tool that can jump start you quickly and painlessly — giving you more time to be productive.

5PM has five great attributes. It helps with  project tracking to keep you focused, it keeps you organized, information flows among you and your team mates — and of course it does  project management.

Here is a screen shot — you can see that the layout is intuitive and very straight forward.  Most of the stuff you need to know about a project stays on the front page so at a glance you can see where the project is (on time, in trouble. . .).

This is a good and inexpensive project management tool which is great at keeping teams together in.

It is not alone.  There are three other good tools to consider if you are looking for a quick project management solution.   Basecamp is another.    Big companies like Kellogs and Addidas use Basecamp, but it is also a great choice for freelancers or start-ups.  On their home page they proudly proclaim that Over 5 million people worldwide have used Basecamp to collaborate on over 4 million projects, track 57 million hours of work, share 46 million files, and complete 43 million to-dos.

Basecamp is actually more well known than 5PM.   You can import data from Basecamp to 5PM.   You can get a 30 day trial of Basecamp but then it is pricier than 5PM.  $49 to $99 a month compared to a starting price of $18 for 5PM.

Two other options are PB Works and Wizhive.


About Sandra Eisenberg

Dynamic pragmatic marketing and sales executive whose biggest asset is converting technology to real corporate value -- for a variety of industries including health care providers (Adventist Health System Sunbelt), Teradata (Data Warehousing), RWD Technologies (quality improvement and professional services), Siemens and AT&T (telecom). Sandra brings twenty years of experience in sales, marketing and IT management. Her career spans entrepreneurial firms (E5 Marketing) and senior positions in sales, sales management (direct and indirect), marketing, channel development and product management at Bell Labs and NCR Teradata. A few career highlights: • Total product lifecycle management (PLM) using ISO 9001 and other quality methodologies. Sunset aging product lines and developed a migration path to a new, open standards platforms at Avaya, NCR and Bell Labs. • 1st woman to win the AT&T and NCR Teradata national sales awards -- top sales manager and sales rep at AT&T, NCR Teradata and Avaya • Delivered profitable marketing campaigns in the area of CRM, Business intelligence, contact centers and other high tech areas • Run call centers, sold call centers and been in product management of call centers (Avaya, AT&T and NCR) • Director of CRM Strategic Planning and Alliances at Avaya and NCR Teradata • Senior Manager of Product Management Bell Labs (business intelligence, data warehousing and CRM) Most recently Sandra managed the Central Florida territory for Siemens' telephony division. Siemens is selling this division soon and their loss can be your gain.

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