CRM doesn’t mean all customers are created equal!

In recent years many jobs in the United States have been outsourced and off-shored with the thought that reducing costs results in higher profits.  You’d think that would make sense.  But it doesn’t.  Not all customers are created equal and the highest profits come from a handful of customers.  In the “old days” this was known as the 80/20 rule.  80% of sales come from 20% of customers is the old chestnut — and it had more than a kernel of truth in it. Businesses today can’t take a “one size fits all” approach to their customers had hope to be profitable.   Funneling everyone through a touchtone interface (press “1″ for sales, “2″ for service) and a contact center agent who doesn’t speak English very well is illogical and will result in a loss of sales.  With all the data at hand today we have the ability like never before to analyze who are profitable customers are and to target them.   CRM and “1 to 1 Marketing” are often mistaken as Communism — treating all people alike.    The opposite is true — you should spend more money on your profitable customers — and less on those who don’t add to the bottom line.  The secret is in using the data that you have and turning it into powerful, actionable revenue producing information.


About Sandra Eisenberg

Dynamic pragmatic marketing and sales executive whose biggest asset is converting technology to real corporate value -- for a variety of industries including health care providers (Adventist Health System Sunbelt), Teradata (Data Warehousing), RWD Technologies (quality improvement and professional services), Siemens and AT&T (telecom). Sandra brings twenty years of experience in sales, marketing and IT management. Her career spans entrepreneurial firms (E5 Marketing) and senior positions in sales, sales management (direct and indirect), marketing, channel development and product management at Bell Labs and NCR Teradata. A few career highlights: • Total product lifecycle management (PLM) using ISO 9001 and other quality methodologies. Sunset aging product lines and developed a migration path to a new, open standards platforms at Avaya, NCR and Bell Labs. • 1st woman to win the AT&T and NCR Teradata national sales awards -- top sales manager and sales rep at AT&T, NCR Teradata and Avaya • Delivered profitable marketing campaigns in the area of CRM, Business intelligence, contact centers and other high tech areas • Run call centers, sold call centers and been in product management of call centers (Avaya, AT&T and NCR) • Director of CRM Strategic Planning and Alliances at Avaya and NCR Teradata • Senior Manager of Product Management Bell Labs (business intelligence, data warehousing and CRM) Most recently Sandra managed the Central Florida territory for Siemens' telephony division. Siemens is selling this division soon and their loss can be your gain.

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